Special Features

Evolutionary demography: the dynamic and broad intersection of ecology and evolution (in preparation)

Invited Editors: Takenori Takada, Richard Shefferson

1. Proposal reception is now started and open until Friday 2nd December, 2016.
2. The result of proposal consideration (acceptance or decline) will be informed within 2 weeks from the reception.
3. If your proposal is accepted, you may submit your manuscript at your earliest convenience without holding it until the deadline of submission, Friday 31st March, 2017.
4. The acceptance of the proposal does not mean the acceptance of a submitted paper. It is going to be externally peer-reviewed as a process of our journal, Population Ecology. It will take about two months for the first round of the peer-review.
5. This special feature will be published in January, 2018. However, an accepted paper will be published online with a DOI shortly after the acceptance.