Population Ecology Young Scientist Award

The Population Ecology Young Scientist Award recognizes outstanding scientific contributions to the study of population ecology by investigators at relatively early stages of their research career. Awarded annually by the Society of Population Ecology at its general meeting, the award consists of a certificate and a prize. The award is open to young scientists of all nationalities, who should be a member of The Society of Population Ecology or have published at least one paper in Population Ecology.

List of past award recipients

Year 2016
Masato Yamamichi (Kyoto University)
"Effects of adaptation processes on eco-evolutionary feedbacks"

Year 2014
Hiroyuki Yokomizo (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
"Mathematical modeling for effective management of populations subject to uncertainty"

Year 2013
Yuma Takahashi (Tohoku University)
"Evolutionary mechanism and ecological functions of balanced polymorphisms"
Takefui Nakazawa (National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University)
"Ontogenetic growth matters in community ecology"

Year 2012
Akihiko Mougi (Ryukoku University)
"Biodiversity maintained by interaction type diversity"
* Akihiko Mougi is awarded with 'The Young Scientists' Prize' in April 2014, upon the recommendation by the Society of Population Ecology. The prize is given on the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.

Year 2011
Shunsuke Utsumi (The University of Tokyo)
"Insect biodiversity on variable plants: approaches from evolutionary community ecology"

Year 2009
Gaku Takimoto (Toho University)
"Theoretical studies on the structure of ecological communities"

Year 2007
Kenji Matsuura (Okayama University)
"Sociobiology of termites: The social insects living in the world of micro-organisms"

Year 2005
Midori Tuda (The University of Kyushu)
"Population and evolutionary ecology of host-parasitoid interaction using laboratory host-parasitoid systems"

Year 2003
Masahiro Nakaoka (Chiba University)
"Population and community ecology of marine benthic organisms: From single-species study to multi-disciplinary and multi-scale approaches for understanding processes and dynamics of open populations and communities"

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