Membership is open to all those who are interested in population ecology and related fields in the biological sciences. The classes of membership and their annual dues are:

  • Regular member in Japan: 8000 yen
  • Regular member in Japan (Online subscription only): 7500 yen
  • Student member in Japan: 3000 yen
  • Student member in Japan (Online subscription only): 2500 yen
  • Members outside Japan: 5000 yen (Sea mail)
  • Members outside Japan: 6000 yen (SAL)

Membership to the society includes a subscription to Population Ecology and online access to the digitized back issues.

All correspondence to the society should be addressed to:

The Society of Population Ecology
c/o Dogura & Co. Ltd.
1-8 Nishihanaike, Koyama, Kita, Kyoto 603-8148, Japan

TEL +81-75-451-4844
FAX +81-75-441-0436

Download Membership Application Form (PDF)

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